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Please send all support requests or any other feedback to We are interested in hearing all support & feature requests, feedback, compliments, and complaints. You can reach us by phone at: 831-420-0118. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Version History

2.9 Beta 2
  • Regression: Navigation Bar layout is offset when viewing Documents on iPad (0005706)
  • Regression: Predefined snippets are no longer generated for new app installs 2.9 Beta 1
  • Default Yahoo and AOL to use OAuth authentication (0005705)
  • Add OAuth support for AOL accounts (0005704)
  • Ability to use Unsubscribe in Meta Action (0005700)
  • Mime encoded list-unsubscribe headers aren't recognized properly (0005703)
  • Emails with non-utf8 character set in References header don't sync (0005702)
  • Ability to use xsl snippets to insert text from clipboard (0005685)
  • Improve error messages from broken stylesheets (0005698)
  • Ability to use as shortcut for specifying snippet content is xsl stylesheet (0005699)
  • Smart Folders with text searches aren't updated automatically on Inboxes screen (0005697)
  • Add yellow or gold color to color options for html composer (0005696)
  • Crash when using Mail Headers for defer/snooze syncing (0005692)
  • Follow up flags option in Account Defer Syncing setting doesn't work right (0005693)
  • The account defer syncing type doesn't include Default/Auto (0005694)
  • Tags option appears twice in account defer syncing options (0005695)
  • Microsoft Oauth fails with internal server error sometimes (0005683)
  • App continually syncs some system calendars (0005691)
  • Deleting toodldeo tasks doesn't work (0005687)
  • Highlighting search terms with [ can fail (0005688) 2.8.7 (Latest)
    • Pending actions get stuck if try to copy from INBOX to Drafts in gmail account (0005674)
    • On iOS16, top bar layout is offset (0005681)
    • Ability to sort tasks by task title (0005680)
    • Race condition when sending causes no-message-data for send (0005677)
    • Yahoo oauth sometimes doesn't refresh token (0005679)
    • Saving all attachments from ellipsis button on toolbar on iPad traps user (0005668)
    • App suggestions aren't shown for many users (0005671)
    • App crashes in iOS16 when adding gmail account (0005670)
    • Resetting password stopped working on backend (0005669)
    • Internal account can get created before Local account syncs (0005667)
    • Grouped folder types should ignore folders in local account (0005666)
    • Message IDs can still have extra > at end (0005664)
    • TestFlight specific enhancements to Diagnostics screen
    • Add Search history, classifications, and extension information to Storage Info screen (0005658)
    • Clearing search history and classifications doesn't reclaim disk space (0005659)
    • Search History subfolders don't apply search as filter (0005660)
    • Defers don't work properly in regions that use alternate decimal separator (0005655)
    • Some double and ints are stored as strings in sqlite db (0005656)
    • Conversions from strings to numbers doesn't work properly in some regions (0005657)
    • Atomics are used incorrectly throughout app (0005653)
    • App gets stuck when sending through Yahoo/Verizon and there are duplicate recipients (0005649)
    • App gets stuck when uploading duplicate email to Yahoo (0005650)
    • App slows considerably when uid is missing for email (0005651)
    • Editing Forward template for identity actually changes the Reply Template (0005647)
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