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Please send all support requests or any other feedback to We are interested in hearing all support & feature requests, feedback, compliments, and complaints. You can reach us by phone at: 831-420-0118. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Version History

2.3.34 (Latest)
  • Setting Viewer to 'Force HTML' doesn't work (0004932)
  • On Dashboard in iOS12, subject is initially truncated when there is plenty of space (0004929)
  • Crash when filing by browsing and Navigation Style is set to List (0004922)
  • Regression: pasting non-images no longer works (0004923)
  • Regression: Defer to specific date only works once (0004924)
  • Meta actions from the Dashboard use wrong navigation and get stuck (0004925)
  • Dropbox accounts not handling missing folders correctly anymore (0004926)
  • On Dashboard, toolbar buttons can stack up vertically (0004927)
  • Sometimes extra broken images are included when composing emails (0004928)
  • Intermittent crash when releasing WKWebview (0004919)
  • Setting Viewer to "FORCE HTML" doesn't work
  • Memory leak, retain cycle in Mail Details screen (0004917)
  • Defer doesn't work for EWS accounts (0004918)
  • Setting Task Status for task in EWS account doesn't work (0004920)
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