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Please send all support requests or any other feedback to We are interested in hearing all support & feature requests, feedback, compliments, and complaints. You can reach us by phone at: 831-420-0118. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Version History

2.3.4 (Latest)
  • Sent EWS emails remain marked as unsent drafts in Sent folder (0004488)
  • Downloading OmniFocus from Helper Apps screen doesn't work (0004476)
  • EWS accounts don't show attachments if entire email not downloaded (0004484)
  • On edit account screen, Menu Button often shows empty menu (0004483)
  • Add delete account button to account screen (0001446)
  • Regression: When viewing mail with headers collapsed, attachmentsFlag isn't shown correctly (0004485)
  • Regression: Alerts when trying to send support mails (0004478)
  • Regression: Preside Icon doesn't show up in some places like the browsers screen (0004477)
  • Various changes to get upload working with new App Store
  • Tasks management
  • Exchange Web Services (EWS) support
  • Use iOS Drag and Drop for Dashboard on iOS11 (0004435)
  • Group emails by Category, Sender, ...
  • Per folder autosync settings (0002748)
  • iPhone X compatibility
  • Fixed date handling when uploading to IMAP account
  • Include email attachments when adding task (0001648)
  • Ability to have single section on Inboxes screen including smart folders (0004441)
  • Deleting items when in Trash should really delete them (0001336)
  • Change Mark-unread to Toggle-unread in buttons layout prefs (0004303)
  • Text Color for email is wrong on Folder Suggestions screen when using Albany theme (0004474)
  • When viewing unknown attachment type, show message instead of blank screen (0004475)
  • Dashboard on iOS11 is choppy when moving files (0004472)
  • don't animate deletes of single emails when button or key pressed (0004473)
  • Classify setting of Never is ignored (0002324)
  • on iOS11 Cannot access top buttons using voiceover on some screens (0004471)
  • Text size isn't adjusted in email details screen when using UIWebView (0004469)
  • WKWebview doesn't show some images inline (0004383)
  • Use WKWebview as default HTML engine (0004470)
  • now has good IMAP and ActiveSync16 but they're not chooseable (0004465)
  • Per folder sync parameters (0001893)
  • on iOS11 , Delete key can repeat and lead to accidental deletes (0004461)
  • Unread folders and other folder-smart-folders aren't always added/removed from list (0004464)
  • Pending actions can get stuck when deleting OneDrive folders (0004460)
  • Add URL to URL field when sending emails to 2Do (0004380)
  • Names of Smart Folders aren't updated in Folder List after they are changed (0004335)
  • Add ability to include recurrence information when entering exchange task (0003603)
  • Offline task entering and creation for exchange/toodledo accounts (0003922)
  • Attach emails to tasks (0001970)
  • Reset and other buttons not available when browsing files (0004301)
  • Don't allow moving of folders to parents with different data types (0004281)
  • Add explanatory text to the Train & Classify emails menu screens (0004366)
  • Open-in-app buttons in Medium and Quora don't work (0004459)
  • Crash when saving accounts (0004457)
  • Allow deletion of folder from trash (0001202)
  • Ability to connect to Exchange servers using EWS (0004456)
  • Change resetToBlank in GHWkWebview to use about:blank (0004348)
  • Don't set focus to empty cc line when replying, or offer option (0004356)
  • Content IDs for attachments aren't compliant with RFC822 or 2822 (0004373)
  • Improve handling of spaces when entering email recipients (0003113)
  • Spaces when entering recipients leave extra characters (0003513)
  • Use comma instead of space as delimiter for email recipients (0003514)
  • Add support for iOS11 password autofill (0004421)
  • filing grouped emails on dashboard using target button or drag/drop doesn't file group (0004445)
  • Add keyboard shortcut for moving email to top suggestion (0004437)
  • Attachments smart folder misses some emails (0004440)
  • show Settings button on Dashboard unless specifically configured not to (0004443)
  • Dropbox and other Files accounts can cause too many folder list updates (0004442)
  • Add support iOS11 drag and drop (0004419)
  • Drag and drop recipients between To, Cc, & Bcc (0004434)
  • In iOS11, autocompletions show extra bars at top and bottom (0004432)
  • WebDav integration (0004398)
  • WKWebview engine doesn't reformat after loading in accordance with size preferences (0004370)
  • For WKWebview, don't wait for full page to load when doing viewport adjustment (0004369)
  • Changing HTML Engine doesn't take affect until after app is restarted (0004371)
  • WKWebView doesnt detect links (0003233)
  • Adding reminder shows Status and hides Priority (0004270)
  • Prompting for next account uses plural for ""Accounts"" when there is only 1 account (0004265)
  • Uploading messages with IMAP append should set internal message date (0004263)
  • Better handling of file types when showing mixed-views (0004262)
  • mime enumerator doesn't do things in correct order (0004261)
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