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Please send all support requests or any other feedback to We are interested in hearing all support & feature requests, feedback, compliments, and complaints. You can reach us by phone at: 831-420-0118. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Preside WORKS with any IMAP account.
  • Preside WORKS with Outlook.
  • Preside WORKS with Exchange.
  • Preside WORKS with Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, Rackspace, & all other email providers.
  • Preside WORKS with POP3
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Version History
2.2.2 (Latest)
  • Subscription rows show wrong email address (0004084)
  • Premium screen is really confusing after subscription expires (0004219)
  • Add marker distinguishing beta subscriptions when in list (0004000)
  • DER/PEM Encrypted message attachments aren't decrypted properly (0004218)
  • Subfolders don't update properly when using drill-down navigation (0004195)
  • Tab bar shows during initial setup when importing files (0004216)
  • Deleting OneDrive folder doesn't work (0004217)
  • Selecting too many images when attaching shows alert without dismiss button (0004214)
  • Coloring rules start in random order (0004215)
  • OneDrive folders don't show expand arrow (0004213)
  • Dismissing defer options preference pops screen back to top More screen (0004200)
  • Coloring rules are not imported from presets correctly (0004196)
  • S/MIME emails are still not properly encrypted for Sent folders (0004212)
  • S/MIME encryption behavior doesn't match description on screen (0003599)
  • Changing encryption settings for specific email doesn't apply to recipients already entered (0004120)
  • Alert with sql error appears for tag folders on Inboxes screen (0004211)
  • Re-saving existing coloring rule with different color causes error messge (0004208)
  • Buttons aren't shown in correct order on the preferences screen (0004207)
  • Fixed App Store issue caused by updated openssl
  • Don't show mark-unread when browsing files and contacts (0004189)
  • File size when browsing files should NOT be scrollable (0004188)
  • Color of recipient in sent message previews doesn't match theme (0004187)
  • Processing deleted messages on server is too slow (0004184)
  • Navigation bar for Santa Cruz theme is wrong color on when using Apple Contacts screens (0004180)
  • Offer Empty Trash button for All-Trashes smart folder (0004154)
  • Using the Calendar to select dates for tasks causes exception (0004179)
  • Creating Exchange Tasks shows confusing Client/Server conversion error (0004178)
  • Errors while adding tasks use up account connections (0004177)
  • Full Screen Button on Dashboard should show Mail Details view (0004176)
  • Option to auto download all attachments (0001036)
  • Strip attachment numbers from attachments before viewing (0003229)
  • Add share button support for emails (0004056)
  • Add keyboard shortcuts for Dashboard (0003969)
  • Change Keychain access to be after first unlock (0004074)
  • Enable iOS Data protection (0004075)
  • Fix background-sync-interval setting for iOS Fetch (0003964)
  • File browser doesn't sync when visited (0003624)
  • Cleanup attachment names when saving to iCloud drive (0003446)
  • Cleanup attachment names when Sharing from document viewer (0003457)
  • Subtitle of file browser shows messages in count (0004160)
  • Shake-to-undo doesn't work when browsing files (0004161)
  • Saving files should use drill-down navigation (0004162)
  • There is no Edit button for removing and trashing on Files tab (0004163)
  • Errors when downloading attachments can cause crash (0004164)
  • account subfolders aren't indented properly (0004165)
  • Onedrive subfolders are synced too often (0004166)
  • Moving folder into top level of Onedrive account doesn't work (0004159)
  • Regression: Creating toodledo tasks doesn't deal with none dates correctly (0004152)
  • Notifications don't work when first setup (0004151)
  • Ignore minimum sync interval when remote wakeup notification arrives (0004153)
  • Pending changes shows Error for Move Folder action (0004155)
  • Expand arrow missing sometimes when using case-insensitive folders (0004156)
  • Pending changes screen can sometimes be empty when there are definitely items there (0004157)
  • Support Dropbox V2 REST API (0004158)
  • Custom notifications based on email criteria (0003991)
  • Integrate with day 1 (0004089)
  • Bear app integration (0004082)
  • color coding of text messages based on rules (0001451)
  • Color code messages in Inbox based on recipient address (0002502)
  • Resuming draft creates extra attachment (0004017)
  • GHLOGERR doesn't log in debug mode (0003988)
  • Change color of emails based on sender (0003687)
  • Ability to have smart folder with all untagged emails (0003998)
  • Ability to assign specific meta action to a swipe (0004022)
  • Add preference for behavior of swipes in Mail View (0004138)
  • Add edge swipe action to options for swiping on mail in list (0004139)
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