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Please send all support requests or any other feedback to We are interested in hearing all support & feature requests, feedback, compliments, and complaints. You can reach us by phone at: 831-420-0118. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Version History

2.3.30 (Latest)
  • Read-Only headers like references should be scrollable when composing (0004890)
  • When grouping conversations flag icon is only displayed if most recent message in group is flagged (0004891)
  • Ability to register and make use of notifications from gmail (0004892)
  • "On iOS12, notification actions can freeze app" (0004894)
  • Remove iterface (0004893)
  • Inboxes on Dashboard in side-by-side mode don't resize when pane narrows (0004889)
  • App becomes unusable when notification actions is attempted on missing email (0004886)
  • "When grouping conversations, app doesn't find emails properly when invoked from notifications" (0004887)
  • Due dates and times of tasks aren't always set properly (0004881)
  • Add Max subject threading option that only uses subjects (0004882)
  • Onscreen folder doesn't update when Subject Threading option changes (0004883)
  • Group emails in thread not always working properly (0002297)
  • Threading doesn't work right when some emails in the thread are missing (0004884)
  • The wrong nav bar buttons can be used for contacts and files in lists (0004885)
  • With recent Office365 updates, OAUTH2 authentication doesn't work (0004877)
  • On iOS12, failed oath errors are not displayed (0004878)
  • Race condition when reading cached special folders (0004879)
  • Onedrive business accounts should authenticate using Microsoft Graph (0004880)
  • Dropbox and similar accounts sometimes get stuck syncing folder list (0004872)
  • On Exchange accounts the PersonMetadata folder should be hidden by default (0004871)
  • Share sheet switches subject and body when handling shared plain text (0004869)
  • Share extension switches subject and body when plain-text is shared (0004868)
  • Add launch url for composing an email to URL scheme (0004867)
  • When composing on iPad in fullscreen mode, cannot scroll properly (0004866)
  • Stuck pending actions for EWS accounts if no messages in response (0004856)
  • On iOS12.1, fonts aren't cached properly (0004857)
  • Integrate with Microsoft Edge Browser (0004836)
  • Integrate with Awesome Calendar (0002349)
  • Snippets are not restored when imported as part of larger import (0004864)
  • Integrate with beorg tasks app (0004873)
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