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Please send all support requests or any other feedback to We are interested in hearing all support & feature requests, feedback, compliments, and complaints. You can reach us by phone at: 831-420-0118. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Version History

2.6.8 (Latest)
  • Missing tags when tagging emails (0005490)
  • Crash due to race condition when checking openssl errors (0005489)
  • The 'Choose Later' option for image sizes no longer works (0005487)
  • Forwarding email attachments still doesn't work right sometimes (0005486)
  • Support yahoo oauth2 authenticatiom (0003848)
  • Remote images are never loaded while composing, even if they are configured to (0005483)
  • Add mesage, preside-message, imap and preside-imap url scheme handlers (0005478)
  • Allow sending of emails with missing To field (0005481)
  • Button preferences should always show enabled buttons, even if they shouldn't be available in the prefs (0005480)
  • Local trash folder isn't being assigned the trash folder type (0005477)
  • Add preside-mailto URL scheme (0005476)
  • App suggestions are appearing too quickly (0005474)
  • Selecting folder for tasks doesn't work right (0005475)
  • Composing with editor inline in dashboard causes emails not to clear after sending (0005473)
  • Changing order in buttons prefs behaves strangely (0005439)
  • Search and Settings button aren't listed in Top buttons for dashboard (0005471)
  • Pasting recipients into To and other fields doesn't remove newlines (0005469)
  • Scrolling html emails is shaky on devices with notch (0005467)
  • Share extension crashes if main app hasn't been configured yet (0005466)
  • Protect against crash loading results into dashboard (0005465)
  • Swipe view isn't displayed on iPad when Mail List pane isn't wide enough (0005464)
  • On iOS14.4, keyboard isn't shown automatically when composing html emails (0005463)
  • Links in alerts should be hot (0005461)
  • left and right navbar buttons go offscreen in landscape mode (0005462)
  • Remote notifications manager preferential doesn't show explanatory text (0005434)
  • Emails can be too wide when HTML reformatting is Typical or Minimal (0005460)
  • Change yahoo error message to show link to App specific password generation (0005442)
  • Verify that local account is backed up as part of iTunes backup (0005443)
  • disabling iTunes/iCloud backup setting isn't working (0005457)
  • Calendar is off for countries who's weeks start on Monday (0005456)
  • Swiping to delete unread email doesn't update Inboxes badge properly (0005451)
  • ActiveSync accounts can get stuck syncing if xml isn't parsed correctly (0005452)
  • Composing with text editor on iPad on ios14.4 shows blank screen initially (0005449)
  • Gtd contexts from Toodledo accounts aren't synced properly (0005445)
  • Option to only expand snippet if after space appears (0005440)
  • Done button for editing reverts to 'Edit' when tab is left and rejoined (0005431)
  • Some alerts have unreadable text when in iOS darkmode (0005429)
  • Inboxes pane on dashboard can disappear (0005427)
  • Integrate with duckduckgo browser (0005422)
  • Opaquely signed emails don't show content (0005425)
  • On iPad image picker isn't dismissed after images are selected (0005426)
  • S/MIME encryption and signing stopped working (0005423)
  • App is trying encrypt some emails that it shouldn't be encrypting (0005424)
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