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Please send all support requests or any other feedback to We are interested in hearing all support & feature requests, feedback, compliments, and complaints. You can reach us by phone at: 831-420-0118. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Version History

2.3.23 (Latest)
  • App can get stuck deleting sent mail for gmail and other servers that handle sent (0004801)
  • Should be able to Copy Subject and other mail headers (0004799)
  • App never proceeds to processing headers if there are no reference folders (0004788)
  • Dashboard doesn't properly check for corrupted pane sizes (0004790)
  • Changing arrangement on dashboard doesn't always reset things until a reboot (0004791)
  • When selecting photos, sometimes they get stuck on screen (0004793)
  • When sending images from files, they aren't downsized to previewSize (0004794)
  • Selecting iCloud file uses temporary file that might disappear (0004795)
  • Medium image sizes can sometimes be much bigger than Large ones (0004796)
  • On iOS11.4, reordering folders on iPad outside of Dashboard doesn't work (0004787)
  • Large threads can cause app to crash (0004786)
  • Copying task into Toodledo account uses wrong folder (0004784)
  • Marking a toodledo task incomplete and saving doesn't work right (0004783)
  • New Toodledo folders can have weird names (0004785)
  • Integrate with Drafts5 app (0004777)
  • Dashboard inboxes pane uses wrong font settings (0004778)
  • Tapping Configure on the Tasks action sheet from Dashboard doesn't change configuration (0004779)
  • Syncing gets stuck when threading really large thread (0004771)
  • Improve formatting of multipart-mixed messages so that Outlook displays them better (0004766)
  • Add 'report' option to alert about problems during startup (0004768)
  • Crash can occur when force-touch is used while selecting a folder (0004769)
  • Filter bar filters that show attachments cause sql error (0004760)
  • Application icon badge isn't update often enough (0004758)
  • Regression: swiping left to go to prior email gets to weird empty screen (0004757)
  • unicode quotes aren't recognized as such for phrase searching (0004759)
  • Emails sometimes don't sort properly when they are duplicates of emails in other folders (0004753)
  • App can crash when adding Toodledo tasks with GTD Contexts (0004752)
  • Recurrence rule dates aren't always parsed correctly (0004746)
  • Deleting smart folder doesn't remove it from the filter bar values on Layout prefs screen (0004741)
  • Some filter-bar options show no results when used with Group-conversations (0004742)
  • Improve decoding when WBXML contains bogus null characters (0004743)
  • Intermittent crash when loading emails (0004744)
  • NOT tag searches don't work as filter bar options if Group Conversations is enabled,0004745
  • In iOS11 audio controls in control center don't work for speaking emails (0004739)
  • Use on-device speech synthesis instead of iSpeech (0004740)
  • Marking toodledo tasks complete while editing doesn't actually mark them complete (0004737)
  • Toodledo tasks marked complete within the app lose the specific time of completion (0004738)
  • Regression: app can repeatedly sync headers for the same folder (0004734)
  • Allow filters with folder constraints to appear on filter bar (0004735)
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