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Please send all support requests or any other feedback to We are interested in hearing all support & feature requests, feedback, compliments, and complaints. You can reach us by phone at: 831-420-0118. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Version History

2.2.5 (Latest)
  • Send & File gets hung if email to file has already been deleted (0004257)
  • Attaching files to signatures doesn't work anymore (0004256)
  • Searching for folders and recipient entry stopped working (0004254)
  • Thread conversion bubble cells should provide feedback when tapped (0004253)
  • Selection color isn't shown when make cell is selected (0004252)
  • Pull-to-refresh on smart folders doesn't always show syncing progress (0004251)
  • "App often shows, ""Error loading table"" when resuming" (0004250)
  • Color picker on iPad shows blank background and doesn't have feedback swatch (0004245)
  • Update default coloring rules to all use Alpha of 1.0 (0004248)
  • Blank title for coloring rules color picker (0004249)
  • Preparation of diagnostics fails on certain items (0004243)
  • "On prefs screen, move coloring rules into same section as color-theme" (0004242)
  • Combining Categories and Not-Categories stopped working for rules and searches (0004238)
  • "App freezes on startup screen for older, non-retina devices" (0004239)
  • Coloring rules don't work on Dashboard (0004240)
  • column searches with OR don't work right (0004241)
  • Server deletions of emails are no longer always quickly reflect in the app (0004237)
  • Quick Calendar choices should NOT be shown for Sent After and Sent Before fields (0004234)
  • Don't show start time when entering tasks if empty start date (0004236)
  • Coloring rules make scrolling through Mail Lists slow (0004235)
  • Spaces in the subject and other headers can be removed when sending (0004232)
  • Tell a friend link sends people to eMailGanizer (0004226)
  • "Add ""Join our mailing list"" to More screen" (0004181)
  • "email address searches for from, to, cc, don't work as expected" (0004228)
  • Thread cells shouldn't use coloring rules or default background (0004223)
  • Send-again is invoked only for Sent folder items (0003675)
  • Foreground color is not being reset for coloring rule cells (0004220)
  • Long press on links stopped working (0004221)
  • eMailGanizer shows Premium status cells on More screen (0004222)
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