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Please send all support requests or any other feedback to We are interested in hearing all support & feature requests, feedback, compliments, and complaints. You can reach us by phone at: 831-420-0118. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Version History

2.4.1 (Latest)
  • Headers disappear when new identity is loaded (0004983)
  • On iOS 12.2, + button on To lines when composing isn't round (0004984)
  • In text composer ( attaching images and contacts doesn't always show attachments row (0004985))
  • Swipe to delete can trash wrong email than intended (0004987)
  • Google OAUTH authentication uses web client flow instead of iOS (0004993)
  • On Dashboard Add Keyboard Shortcut to go back to last selected email and folder (0004989)
  • On iPad, with grouped conversations, Trash button doesn't work on entire group (0004994)
  • Changing fonts & colors doesn't work when editing signatures and other quick parts (0004995)
  • Unknown selector alert can occur for text signatures (0004952)
  • Quick Part attachments get into state where their object type changes (0004955)
  • Handle issue where quick part attachments change (0004956)
  • Smart folders that show attachments don't show all attachments for all emails (0004957)
  • On iOS 12.2 Keyboard disappears after attaching photo (0004967)
  • Post sending actions aren't properly dependent on upload-to-sent when that is used (0004973)
  • After inserting images , compose screen isn't properly scrolled (0004974)
  • Sorting of files doesn't match the selected setting (0004975)
  • Default file sorting should be alphabetically from A-Z (0004976)
  • Sorting files by size doesn't work (0004977)
  • Add Max setting for Image Preview size that uses full screen width (0004978)
  • In XSLT editor, always insert images as such and never as files (0004979)
  • Compose window can be slow to appear if there is lots of stuff on pasteboard (0004980)
  • Images in signatures can appear twice (0004981)
  • Add Bluuuur library to acknowledgements (0003825)
  • Ability to quickly search within a folder without going to the Search tab (0004950)
  • Clear Button on Search screen doesn't always clear the search results (0004951)
  • Defer syncing using Headers doesn't always work for EWS accounts (0004946)
  • Defer syncing setting should only affect device doing the defer (0004947)
  • Defer syncing using iCloud doesn't work anymore (0004945)
  • Deferred folders aren't treated as special when displayed at top of mail in list (0004948)
  • Should be able to add back the iOS Interface account (0004520)
  • Informant link on helper apps page goes to nonexistent app (0004936)
  • Preside Statuses don't match Exchange Statuses when adding task (0004940)
  • Add support for Office-365 notification subscriptions (0004937)
  • Speaking emails chooses wrong voice (0004938)
  • Consolidate OneDrive Personal and OneDrive Business to single protocol (0004939)
  • Allow ordering of grouped emails by tag (0004934)
  • On Dashboard in iOS12, subject is initially truncated when there is plenty of space (0004929)
  • Crash when filing by browsing and Navigation Style is set to List (0004922)
  • Regression: pasting non-images no longer works (0004923)
  • Regression: Defer to specific date only works once (0004924)
  • Meta actions from the Dashboard use wrong navigation and get stuck (0004925)
  • Dropbox accounts not handling missing folders correctly anymore (0004926)
  • On Dashboard, toolbar buttons can stack up vertically (0004927)
  • Sometimes extra broken images are included when composing emails (0004928)
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