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Using Premium

Using Premium

  • How can I check if Premium was properly activated after my purchase?

    The easiest way to check if Premium is active on the iPhone is to look for the existence of the Premium tab premium at the bottom of the screen. If that tab is no longer present, then Premium is active. On the iPad's Dashboard screen, you would check for the existence of the Premium button at the top of the screen.

    If you're logged into your account, you can also check your subscription status by tapping on the More tab, towards the bottom right. On that screen, scroll down to the Premium section and tap on 'Status'. On the iPad, you would get to that same 'More' screen by tapping on the Settings button near the top right and choosing, "More".

  • How do I activate Premium on my other devices?

    • Tap on the Premium tab premium on the other device (or the Premium button at the top if it's an iPad).
    • Tap Login at the top right
    • Enter your account information and Tap Save

    In most cases, Premium will be activated within a few minutes of logging in on the new device. If that does not occur, or, if you were already logged in on the device, you can go to the More screen and scroll down to the 'Premium' section. Tap on the 'Subscriptions' line in that section and allow the folder to sync. Premium should activate once that syncing is complete.

  • Where are the Premium color themes?

    The premium color themes should usually download to your device a few minutes after Premium has been activated. Once the themes have been downloaded, you can access them from the More > Appearance Color Themes screen. They will appear below the standard themes.

    Sometimes it might take longer to sync the Premium color themes, especially if the app is busy syncing other things. To prioritize the color theme syncing, you can go to the 'More' screen and scroll down to the Premium section. Tap on the 'Color Themes' line in that section and allow the app to sync that folder.

  • How do I use the Copy Folder feature?

    • Navigate to the folder to be copied
    • Tap on the Menu button Menu
    • Choose 'Copy to'
    • Select the account, folder, and whether you would like to also copy all of the subfolders and their descendants
    • Tap Save

  • How can I determine when my Premium subscription expires?

    If you're using the app, and you're logged into your account, go to the More screen. Then, scroll to the 'Premium' section and tap on 'Status' within that section. That screen provides information about your Premium status, including the expiration date of your most recent subscription.

    You can also check on your status on our website at:>

  • Premium doesn't seem to have been activated after my purchase. How do I correct that?

    In most cases, the Premium subscription should be automatically activated within a few minutes of your purchase. If for some reason, that doesn't occur, here are some things you can try:

    • The first (and easiest) thing to try is to restart the app with either the App Switcher or a reboot.
    • If restarting the app doesn't help, please verify your account has been added by going to the More > Accounts screen. If you don't see the account, add it by tapping in the + button at the top right and selecting 'Preside' as the account type. If you haven't already registered for an account, do so now.
    • Once you have a account, there will be a Premium section on the More screen. Tap on the 'Subscriptions' line in that section. That should sync your existing subscriptions and display them.
    • If things still aren't working, go to the Folders tab and scroll down to the 'Device' account. Under that account is an Outbox. Tap on that folder. If the subscription information is stuck in the Outbox, that should force that to sync and upload the subscription.
    • Next, try visiting the Subscriptions folder again to sync the new subscription.
    • If none of that helps, please send an email to and we will get the issue corrected.
  • I've purchased and activated Premium, but I'm still seeing the 'Smart-filing limit exceeded message'. How do I get that to go away?

    If you're sure Premium has been activated by following the steps here, and you're still seeing the 'limit exceeded' message, please try fully restarting the app with either the App Switcher or a reboot. If that doesn't help, please contact us at: