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What is Preside?

Preside is a full-featured, productivity-focused mobile email app.

Who uses Preside?

Preside is for power email users. It is used by attorneys, executives, IT experts, and anyone who files email into folders and todo list apps.

What makes Preside special?

  • Preside speeds up your email processing. With Preside, you can file emails in seconds.
  • Preside is highly configurable. It can be personalized to the point where anyone is comfortable.
  • Preside integrates with task apps & services to allow quick conversion of emails to tasks
  • Preside is full-featured. It's more powerful than your desktop email.

How much does Preside cost?

Preside is available for free. It uses the freemium revenue model with premium subscriptions available for purchase within the app. Please see the Premium FAQ for more information about preside premium.


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