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Preside Accounts

  • What is a Account?

    A account is an account on our servers that we use to manage premium subscriptions and distribute some premium content. These accounts are also used to provide notifications for users who opt in to the remote notification features.

  • Why do I need an account if Preside Premium isn't a cloud service?

    In order that your subscription works across all of your iOS devices and any device you might purchase in the future, we need to store information about the subscription in a central location accesible to all of your devices. That location is your account.

  • Is any of my email information or email account information stored in my account?


    ... unless you've ignored all warnings in the app and intentionally chosen to share your account information with us for the purposes of remotely monitoring your Inbox. You can read some more about that in our Privacy Policy.


  • Why subscriptions?

    Subcriptions are used as part of our freemium revenue model. Our goal in choosing 'freemium with subscriptions' is that people who derive the most value from the app also fund the app's maintenance and improvements. We feel this model makes more sense than the one-time purchase model whereby the maintenance of the app is funded by new users, many of whom don't end up using the app much.

  • What happens when my subscription expires? Does it auto-renew?

    At this time, our subscriptions do not auto-renew. When your subscription expires, the option to purchase a new subscription will become available, and the premium features will be blocked until a new subscription is purchased.

    For people that do want auto-renewing subscriptions, it should be noted that this is something we are considering. As such, please send us an email to: if you have some interest or comments about this.

  • Will any of my data be affected if my subscription lapses?

    No. None of the premium features involve data storage.

  • I love the app, but I don't like subscription software. Is there any other way I can support the app?

    Yes. There are some other ways of supporting the app, both financially and otherwise.

    That said, if your objection to subscription software is that you don't want to get into a continuous payment cycle, then please note that our subscriptions do not auto-renew. As such, there is no continuous cycle. If you'd prefer to treat the purchase as a donation, you can do so without fear of being repeatedly charged.

    Here are some other options:

    • Users that don't want to spend on the full subscription, often purchase a single-month subscription. Sometimes months later, or after an update, they purchase another one. This allows them to help support the app in accordance with their own schedule.
    • We really appreciate 5-star reviews on the App Store. If you can't support the app financially, we hope you'll spend a few minutes giving the app a 5-star rating on the App Store. It is especially helpful if you can resubmit the rating after each update.
    • We are also looking to build our Twitter following. You can follow us at: Of course, retweets and likes are helpful too.
    • We also have a newsletter you can subscribe to at
    • Of course, simply telling your friends and colleagues about the app is also helpful.

  • I'm not opposed to subscriptions, but I cannot afford this one. Do you offer any discounts or other options?

    We are willing to work with anyone who cannot afford or who is unwilling to pay the full amount for the premium subscription. If that describes yourself, please send us an email and we can work something out.

  • I'm not convinced. Should I delete the app?

    No. We hope you'll continue to use the free version of the app. That version should function well for most users.