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We'd love to hear from you about our apps or our website or about anything else. Our email address is mail@preside.io, and our phone number is: 831-420-0118. Our mailing address is:

343 Soquel Ave. #514
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Who We Are

GoodHumans is owned and founded by Rich and Mary Ann Waters. We are a two-person, husband and wife, app development team. Rich is a software engineer and Mary Ann is an artist. Together we are a fun and complimentary team that makes awesome mobile software.

Where we've been

We founded GoodHumans in 2000 after many years of working in Silicon Valley. Our initial vision for that company was for a social networking site dedicated to the concept of being a good human being. We were a little bit before our time (and before the term Social Networking was coined), however, and we quickly refocused GoodHumans to be an online retailer of eco friendly products. That business is still going strong at http://www.goodhumans.com/.

By 2008, we were ready to return to our core professional passions of software and design. We loved our smartphones, and when the iPhone SDK was released, we jumped right in and started making iPhone apps. At the beginning of 2011, we released our first email app, eMailGanizer. Since then, we've been working every day on helping people to manage their email.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality, functionally complete software that people use and enjoy. Our approach is to make apps that the leadership team uses on a daily basis. It is our hope that by sharing the apps that help us in our daily lives we will help other people in their daily lives and make the world an ever-better place.

Our Values

GoodHumans values humans of all races and nations. We think that every worker should be paid fairly and treated humanely. We make every effort to ensure that the products sold at GoodHumans are manufactured in the most socially responsible manner possible, without the use of sweat-shop labor. Most of the items we offer are produced in small scale or co-op businesses owned and operated by the workers themselves.

GoodHumans values the environment. We strive to set an example of how an environmentally conscious business can be run. We take the environment and human welfare into account for all business decisions. We use only recycled and reused materials for our packaging, and we use recycled or other environmentally conscious products, whenever possible, for all of our office supply and equipment needs.

GoodHumans values all life. We sell only products that do not contain ingredients derived from animals and that have not been tested on animals. GoodHumans values our customers. Each customer is treated in the highest regard and in the same manner that we like to be treated as consumers. GoodHumans honors both the Earth Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.