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Preside Settings FAQ




  • What's with all the settings?

    Most mobile apps do one thing very well, and they require very little customization. That is not the case for email clients. Due to the nature, history, and ubiquity of email, everybody likes to manage their email a little differently. We've made the app highly configurable to accomodate as many different email management styles as possible.

  • How can I learn what a setting does?

    If you perform a Long tap on the name of the setting, the Pasteboard (copy,cut, & paste) menu will appear. At the right of that menu will be a Help option. Tapping on the Help choice will bring you to the section of the User Guide that explains that setting.

  • What are 'Presets'?

    'Presets' are groups of settings that can be easily loaded with a few taps. We've included a few different preset themes within the app, and you can also save your own customized group of settings as a configuration.

  • What's the 'More' screen and how do I find it?

    The 'More' screen is the top level screen where you can access various settings, content, support, and documentation for Preside. On the iPhone you get to the 'More' screen by tapping on the More tab at the bottom right. On the iPad, tap the Settings button near the top right and choose 'More' from the menu displayed as a result of that tap.

  • How do I transfer my settings between devices?
    • Navigate to More > Advanced > Import/Export
    • Check all of the items you would like to export
    • Tap on the Export button
    • It's usually easiest to choose iCloud as the export location
    • When loading Preside, tap the Menu Button near the top left, and choose 'Import/Export'. (If Preside has already been setup on the destination device, please go to More > Advanced > Import/Export on that device)
    • Select the previously exported file & enter the password
    • Wait while the app imports your settings. This make take a while, so please be patient.
    • If the app reports any errors, please navigate to those accounts (in Preside) and re-save them.

  • What are 'Buttons'?

    Buttons are the things you tap in order to get the app to do things. They can be represented as text or icons. In most cases they appear at the top of the screen. but they are also used when emails are swiped in the Inbox and when the email body is tapped while viewing the email. Most actions you can take on emails within the app occur as a result of a tap on a button within one of those places. By configuring the buttons that appear in those places, you can personalize the app to match your email management style and make those actions you use most more prominant.

  • How do I configure buttons?

    You can configure the buttons that appear on each screen by going to the More screen and then tapping 'Appearance'. On the next screen, tap 'Layout'. (Please note that Layout option will not be present unless the 'Show Advanced Settings' option is also enabled.)

    There is a section on that Layout screen for most of the other screens in the app. The most important sections for configuring your email actions are the 'Email list', which is your Inbox, and the 'Email details', which is the actual email screen. The Email Details section offers two main button areas. The 'Top buttons' appear at the top of the screen, and they should be the actions you use most. The 'Tool bar buttons' are buttons that appear when the body of an email is tapped while it is being viewed. Usually, you would enable less frequently used actions to appear in that place. The 'Other buttons' option is for legacy purposes, and it should be left blank.

    To configure the buttons that appear in those places, tap on the relevant line in the Email Details section and 'check' or 'uncheck' the various options on the next screen by tapping on the empty circle to the right of the various options.

  • How do I can I add other email processing options when I swipe on an email preview?

    • Go to More > Appearance > Layout
    • Tap on the row labeled 'Swipe buttons' in the top section that is titled 'Email list'
    • 'Check' the various buttons you would like to appear when you swipe across an email preview

  • How do add the ability to swipe an email into the Trash, like the iOS app does?

    • Go to the More screen
    • Tap on the Behavios line
    • Scroll down the to Gestures section
    • Tap on the 'Long swipe left' line
    • Tap on the 'Trash' line

  • How can I share my configuration?

    You can save your own preset configuration by navigating to the More screen and tapping on the Custom 'Presets' line. Then tap the Menu button and choose "Export". After you save the configuration as a file in Dropbox or iCloud, you can email them like any other file.

    If you've got an interesting configuration, please email it to us so that we can include it in a future update of the app.

  • Can I create my own Color Theme?

    Yes. Here's how:

    • Go to the More screen
    • Tap on the Appearance line
    • Tap on the Color Theme line
    • Scroll down and tap on the 'Custom Button'
    • Choose the colors for the various components and tap 'Apply'

  • How do I show the number of unread emails on the application icon?

    If you navigate to More > Appearance , there is a setting labelled "Application Icon" that is in the Unread Email Counts section. If you turn that to On, the 'badge' on the Application Icon for unread emails will be enabled.