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App suggestions

App suggestions

  • What are app suggestions?

    App suggestions are advertisements for other apps that appear within Preside. By default, these only appear once every couple of weeks, but you increase or decrease that frequency. When they do appear, we hope you'll like the suggested app and continue on to the App Store and download it. If it doesn't interest you, then delete it in the same way you would a normal email.

  • Can app suggestions be disabled?

    Yes. They can be disabled or set to be less frequent. That option is called 'App Suggestions' and it is found in the 'Miscellaneous' section of the Behaviors preferences screen.

  • Where are these stored? Are they in my Inbox?

    The app suggestions are stored locally within the app. They are only visible from inside Preside. Within the app, there is an Inbox under the 'Local' account that is used for storing informational messages to you from the app, as well as these advertisements. Please note that Preside does NOT have generic access to your device. 'Local' is simply the nomenclature used for referencing data internal to Preside.

  • How are the apps selected? Is my email or other private information used in this process?

    The apps are selected based on a search of the App Store for various terms common to all of our users. No private email or other email information is used in generating search keywords or determining which app is suggested. The fact that you downloaded Preside indicates that you might have interest in certain types of apps and that is the only thing the app uses in order to select the suggested apps.

  • I purchased a Premium subscription. Why am I still seeing app suggestions?

    Anyone can disable the app suggestions, regardless of whether Premium has been purchased. The app does not do that automatically, because, it turns out, many people do like seeing these suggested apps.

  • Where do the app suggestions come from? Are you sending me Spam emails?

    The app suggestions are generated by the app. They are not coming from our servers, and we are not sending you anything. That said, they are formatted using MIME, so they are similar to emails, in that respect. If you manually copy or move them to a real Inbox or folder, other email programs will display them as emails. Given that, we do include the information required by law for marketing emails.

  • Why is there an Unsubscribe link? Are you sure this isn't spam?

    As explained here, due to the way these are formatted and potential for inclusion, we include all information required by law for marketing emails. One of those requirements is an unsubscribe link. When tapped within the app, the link will show an alert providing information about how to disable app suggestions in the app.