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  • What type of Tasks/Todo support does Preside offer?

    Preside provides the ability to add emails as tasks to a multitude of 3rd party apps. It also provides full task management through Reminders and/or direct connections to Exchange and Toodledo accounts.

  • How do I enable Tasks support?

    For the basic functionality of just adding emails as tasks to 3rd party apps, you don't need to do anything. Just tap on the Tasks button while viewing an email and the compatible apps installed on your device should be offered as options. Tapping on one of the options will launch the app with the information from the email prefilled into a new task screen in that 3rd party app.

    On the iPhone, Full Tasks functionality is generally enabled by going to the More > Appearance > Tabs screen and enabling the Tasks tab. If you'd prefer not to add a tab to the bottom bar, you can still access your tasks from the More > Tasks screen, but we generally recommend adding a tab.

    On the iPad, if you're using the Dashboard, the Tasks folders should appear along with your other folders on the Folders pane. Additionally, you can add a tasks pane, by tapping the Settings button and then Layout and enabling Tasks in the top section.

  • How can I show the start date and/or other properties on the tasks lists?

    This is done by setting the 'Lines' preference to something other than 0 in the 'Tasks list' section of the More > Appearance > Layout screen. Increasing that number will increase the information displayed for the tasks.

  • How can I show tags in the tasks lists?

    This is done by enabling the 'Tags' option the 'Tasks list' section of the More > Appearance > Layout screen.

  • Can I set default values for new tasks so that I don't have to reenter the same information each time?

    Yes. Do this from the Tasks section of the More > Behaviors screen. First tap on 'Initialization' and select 'Default values'. That will cause a new 'Default values' row to appear. Tap on that and enter the default values for your new tasks.

  • I don't use the 'Active Tasks' folder. Can Preside start on a different folder?

    Yes. Go the to the Behaviors preferences and scroll down to the Tasks section. Tap on "Initial folder" and select the folder you'd like to start on.

  • Can I group my tasks by category, something else, or nothing at all?

    Yes. This can be done for on a per-folder (or smart-folder) basis, or throughout the app. The default settings for the app are in the Tasks section of the Behaviors preferences. To change the setting for a specific folder, go to that folder and tap on the Menu button and choose 'Settings'. Tap on 'Group by' and select 'None' or one of the other options.

  • Why are there duplicate tasks?

    If you have your Exchange/Outlook account setup in both the Reminders app and Preside, the smart folders like, 'Active Tasks' will show each tasks twice. To resolve the issue, you can navigate to one of either your Exchange account or the 'iOS Services' account from More > Accounts. Tap on the 'Advanced' row and disable 'Tasks' in the features section. Then Tap Save.

  • I'm grouping my tasks by priority. Why are the sections out of order?

    In the current version of Preside, the 'Order By' field controls the order for both the sections and the items in each section. This means that it is not currently possible to order the sections by priority, but the items within each section by start-date. This will be addressed in the next update. Until then, we recommend that you set the Order-by to 'Prioririty (highest to lowest)' if you are grouping by priority. Within each group, items will be sorted by modification time.

  • How do I remove an attachment from a task?

    While viewing the task, perform a long-press gesture on the attachment icon to be removed. An menu will appear from the bottom of the screen. Choose 'Remove'.

  • How do I add an attachment to a task?

    Usually, you can just tap on the Attachments line while viewing a task, and you will be brought to a screen where you can select the attachment to be added. Sometimes, however, the attachments line is already filled with attachments, and it is difficult to tap the attachments line without automatically being brought to the attachment viewer screen. In those cases, you can perform a long-press on gestur on one of the existing attachment icons and choose 'New'.

  • My tasks app and/or tasks account provider is not supported. Will you support it?

    Simple integration with tasks apps is relatively easy for us to implement, provided those apps support URL scheme's for adding tasks. As such, please send us an email to about your app and we will add support for it, if possible.

    It is a bit more difficult to add full tasks support that syncs with your task provider, but we are happy to research any provider and determine what is possible. Please let us know about your tasks provider, and we will try to add support.