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Preside Preside and eMailGanizer FAQ


Preside & emailGanizer

Preside & eMailGanizer

  • What is Preside?

    Preside is the next generation of the eMailGanizer app that runs on both the iPhone and the iPad.

  • Is Preside replacing eMailGanizer?

    Yes. Preside is intended as a replacement for eMailGanizer. After Preside is launched, we will be discouraging new users from purchasing eMailGanizer.

  • Will eMailGanizer continue to be updated & supported?

    As of March 20th, 2018, eMailGanizer will no longer be updated, but we will continue to support it to the best of our ability.

    We have continued to update eMailGanizer in the two years since Preside was launched, but, unfortunately, Apple has rejected our most recent update. If you're still using eMailGanizer, and you're not experiencing problems, you can continue to use that app as long as it continues to function.

    In general, though, you should switch to Preside. For the most part, the free version of Preside offers all of the features of eMailGanizer, along with quite a bit more.

  • What are the differences between Preside and eMailGanizer?

    The main differences between the two apps are listed below.

    • Preside is a universal app. It will run with correct resolution on both the iPad and the iPhone. eMailGanizer will never work on the iPad (other than in iPhone compatibility mode).
    • Preside will default to a modern UI style. eMailGanizer will default to looking the way it has always looked.
    • Preside is a free app that offers premium features on a subscription basis. eMailGanizer will retain all of the premium features it already has, but it will not be updated with some of the newer premium features.
    • It is unlikely that eMailGanizer's documentation will continue to be updated. Please refer to the website for the latest documentation.
    • Preside provides a 'share extension' that makes it possible to email images directly from the Photos app and others. eMailGanizer does not provide this capability. For technical reasons, it is unlikely that functionality will be added to eMailGanizer.
    • Preside offers built-in 'Presets' that can be used to quickly set lots of configuration options with a single tap. That functionality has been removed from eMailGanizer due to the difficulty of maintainenance.

  • Should I switch to Preside?


    Please note, however, that it is possible to have both apps on the same device. The recommended approach towards switching is to install and setup Preside without removing eMailGanizer. Use Preside for a few days and make sure it is working to your satisfaction. Once you're confident that it is working well, you can remove eMailGanizer.

  • I paid $10 for eMailGanizer 2 years ago. I shouldn't have to switch to a different app. Am I being ripped off?

    It is not our intent to mislead, deceive, or otherwise be unkind. You do not need to switch to the new app. You can continue to use the app that you purchased in its current form indefinately. As stated above, we will continue to support eMailGanizer. Also, our policy with eMailGanizer has always been to offer full refunds to any user who is not satisfied with the app for any reason. If you feel like you haven't gotten $10 of value from eMailGanizer, and you would like a refund, please let us know and we can send some follow up instructions.

    Please contact us with any other thoughts you have on this. We'll be happy to work with you and come up with a solution that suits your needs.

  • How do I transfer my settings from eMailGanizer to Preside?

    Please note that transfering settings is no longer recommended.Preside is now a few years ahead of eMailGanizer, in terms of updates, and importing those older, eMailGanizer settings might not work.

    • In eMailGanizer, navigate to More > Advanced > Import/Export
    • Check all of the items you would like to export
    • Tap on the Export button
    • It's usually easiest to choose iCloud as the export location
    • When loading Preside, tap the Menu Button near the top left
    • Choose Import/Export
    • Select the previously exported file & enter the password
    • Wait while the app imports your settings. This make take a while, so please be patient.
    • If the app reports any errors, please navigate to those accounts (in Preside) and re-save them.