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Preside Privacy FAQ




  • In general, how private is the app?

    It is generally very private. In it's default configuration, the app stores all of its information locally, on your device. It does not communicate any email related information to our servers.

    It is possible to configure some features that do remove some privacy, but those features are non-essential and they are clearly demarcated within the app. Please see this question for more information about that. Please note that the other questions in this FAQ consider those privacy-challenged features to be OFF.

  • Does the app upload any email data to your servers?

    No. The app does NOT upload any email data or related information to our server.

  • Does the app upload any account information to your servers?

    No. The app does NOT upload account information to our servers.

  • Where are my emails and account information stored?

    All data used by the app is stored locally on your own device.

  • What happens when I delete the app?

    All data used by the app is stored locally on your own device. If you delete the app from that device, all of the data used by the app gets deleted at that same time.

  • Do any 3rd parties have access to my emails or account information?

    No. The app does not share any email or account information with any third party, or even ourselves.

  • What access do you have to usage info and other analytics?

    Preside does NOT collect ANY data, anonymous or otherwise, about how you use the app. Nor does Preside collect any other sort of analytics data.

    Apple, on the other hand, does collect anonymous data containing various information about how the app is being used. This includes information about the different types of devices, operating systems, length of sessions, and other information that the make available to app developers. You can disable this data collection from the iOS Settings app.

  • Where is your formal privacy policy?

    Our formal privacy policy can be found at:

  • Are there opt-in features that make the app less private? What are those features?

    Yes. There are some opt-in features that can make the app slightly less private. These features are clearly demarcated within the app. They are protected with confirmations in such away that it would be nearly impossible to activate them accidentally or without a clear understanding that your privacy is being impacted by their activation. We've listed these below.