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Preside Accounts and Folders FAQ





  • How do I delete an account?

    To delete an account, navigate to the More > Accounts section of the app. Then tap on the Edit button and the top right. Then tap on the red circle to the left of the account to be deleted. Then confirm the delete by tapping on the Delete button to the right of the account to be deleted.

  • I cannot find the name I entered when I added my account. How can I edit the name that appears on the From line of my emails?

    The name that appears on the 'From' line of your emails is controlled by your Identity. Each account has a default identity that is created at the time the account is added. The name on the Account screen is only used when creating that default identity. After the initial account entry, the properties of the Identity need to be modified from the Identity Settings screen that is accessed from the More > Identities screen.

  • How can I enter different servers for my incoming & outgoing emails?

    To set up separate incoming and outgoing email servers, please do the following:

    • When entering the account, please navigate to the Advanced screen and set the 'Send emails' option in the Features section to OFF.
    • After the IMAP account has been properly saved, please add another account and select SMTP as the account type.

  • How can I access files in my Dropbox account?

    To add your Dropbox account to Preside, please do the following:

    • Go to More > Accounts
    • Tap on the + button at the top right
    • Enter ‘Dropbox’ as the account type
    • Enter a nickname for the account
    • Tap SAVE at the top right

  • What's the System account? Do I need it?

    The System account provides the interface between the Preside and your iOS Contacts. If you'd like for the app to use entries from your iOS contacts for the purposes of autocompleting email recipients, then you need this account. In general, there are no downsides to keeping this account. Unless you have hundreds of thousands of contacts, the account won't take up much space. If you do delete the account, you will not be able to restore it without fully deleting and reinstalling the app. As such, if you'd like to try using the app without it, it is recommended that you go to the Advanced section of the account and set the "Contacts" option to OFF. Then TAP SAVE.