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  • What is the 'Dashboard'?

    The Dashboard is the main screen shown when running the app on an iPad. This is the screen that shows your emails and folders. For most users, the 'Dashboard' is synonymous with "iPad App". We differentiate between the two terms due to the high configurability of Preside. It is possible to run the Dashboard as a 'tab' alongside the tabs from the familiar iPhone version or to not show the Dashboard at all.

  • What are those target icons to the left of some folders? target

    Those icons are tappable buttons that will cause the currently selected email(s) to be filed into the folder to the right of the button. This is the fastest way to file emails in any software on any platform.

  • Can I file with drag & drop?

    YES. To drag an email, tap on the email preview, and leave your finger on the preview until the preview transforms to a smaller icon underneath your finger. That should only take a fraction of a second. Then, drag the email over to the folders on the left. As you drag the email over folders, the current drop target will show black borders. Once the email is over the correct target folder, list your finger to drop the email into that folder.

  • How do I file by searching for the correct folder?

    The top row of the folders section of the screen (usually on the left) contains a search box. Tap on that box and begin typing. As you type, folders will appear whose names match the letters you are entering. Once the correct folder appears, tap on the 'Target' button to the left of the folder or drag an email into that folder. Like other rows in that section of the screen the folders searchbox is collapsable using the gray arrow to its left. It will always automatically expand when you start typing into it.

  • I prefer the mechanism the iPhone app uses for filing. How can I configure the dashboard to offer show an Organize Button?

    • Tap on the Gear button, that is usually second from the right at the top of the screen.
    • Choose Layout
    • Tap on the line that says Top Buttons
    • Scroll down on the next screen until the Organize button appears, and tap on that line
    • Tap on another part of the screen to dismiss that popover.
    • The Organize button should now appear amongst the other buttons at the top of the screen.
    • You can configure the Organize button to appear when swiping across a preview or after tapping on the body button using this same procedure, but by choosing the "Swipe Buttons" line or "Tool bar buttons" line in the 3rd step.

  • How do I resize the different sections of the Dashboard screen?

    Between each resizable section of the Dashboard screen is an accordian style resizing control. For resizing widths, the control looks like this : horizontal resizer, and for resizing section heights, the control looks like this: : vertical resizer. To change the sizes of the sections adjacent to the resizing control, tap on the control and then drag the control left, right, up, or down. This video shows resizing in action:

  • Is there a faster to hide the Folders or other sections of the Dashboard?

    Yes. You can very quickly hide or show the folders, mail details, or mail list by flicking across the resizing controls described in the previous section. To restore the almost hidden area, simply flick on the opposite direction over the resizing control.

  • I don't like the Inboxes in that separate area. Can I hide that pane and put the Inboxes with the rest of the folders like my Mac does?

    To hide the Inboxes section entirely, please tap on the gear button near the top right and then choose 'Layout', On the next screen, in the top section, set the Inboxes option to OFF. That will have the affect of both hiding the Inboxes pane along with adding your Inboxes to the folders area. You can gain futher control over what is on the folders pane by using the 'Grouped Folder Types' settings and others in the Folders section of that same preferences screen.

  • I don't have many folders and I don't really need the folders section quickly accessible. Can I just hide that section altogether?

    To hide the Folders pane entirely, please tap on the gear button near the top right and then choose 'Layout', On the next screen, in the top section, set the Folders option to OFF. That will have the affect of both hiding the Folders pane along with adding a Folder button on the top left that can be used to select a different folder when desired.

  • I love the iPhone app, but I don't like the Dashboard at all. It is possible to make the iPad app like the iPhone?

    Yes. There are two ways to do make the Preside essentially the same on the iPad as it is on the iPhone. If you'd like the app to be a giant version of the iPhone app, you can do the following:

    • Tap on the Settings button at the top right
    • Choose 'More'
    • Tap 'Appearance'
    • On the Appearance screen, make sure the 'Advanced Settings' are on. Then tap on 'Idiom'.
    • Choose iPhone

    That option will emulate the iPhone to the maximum extent possible, including using iPhone controls instead of iPad-only controls like popovers. An alternative (and probably better choice) is to do the following:

    • From that same 'Appearance' screen, tap on 'Tabs' instead of idiom.
    • On the next screen, uncheck the 'Dashboard' tab, and 'check' the tabs that are familiar from the iPhone app.