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Real email for mobile

Preside is a full featured iOS email client. It allows you to perform all of your email management from your mobile device.

Preside improves your productivity. With predictive filing, and the ability to convert emails into tasks, Preside saves you time.

Preside is highly configurable. It's the most configurable app on the App Store. It gives YOU complete control to optimize the app to exactly match your email management style.

Preside is fully private. Preside does NOT store emails on our server, and we don't have ANY access to your email or account information.

  Preside Move Email Photo
Preside Move Email Photo

Native iPad support


  • Multi-pane layout
  • Single-tap predictive filing
  • Drag and drop filing
  • Resizable panes
  • Personalized layout options
  • Slide-over & Split-screen
  • Drag and drop to organize folders
  • Optimized for iPad Pro
Native iPad support


  • Files emails in seconds with predictive filing
  • Move emails between accounts
  • Copy emails
  • Search for destination folders
  • Quick-file mode to file multiple emails to different folders at once
  • Shake-to-undo previous filing action
  • Batch deletes and moves
  • File to favorite folders instantly
  • Swipe to file
  • Batch file emails to different folders
  • Configure number of instant access folder suggestions
  • Move emails between accounts
  • Hierarchical folder browsing
  • Custom actions



  • Expand & collapse folders
  • Find folders by searching
  • Add, move, rename, & delete folders
  • Off-line operation for later synchronization
  • Universal Inbox, Unread, & other 'Smart' folders
  • Show all folders/labels for email
  • Mark folders as Favorites for priority access
  • View active email folders separately from reference folders
  • @Context folder awareness

Tags & Categories

  • Assign Exchange categories to emails & tasks
  • Tag emails with IMAP Keywords
  • Browse categories
  • Show all emails for a category
  • Show all categories in email
  • Color emails by category
  • Search for category combinations
Tags & Categories
Tags & Categories



  • Edit/Add senders to iOS contacts
  • Quickly view all messages from any sender
  • Search To's, From's, Cc's, & entire message
  • Auto-complete recipients from entire email history
  • Intelligent name insertion


  • Add emails to iPhone Calendar & Reminders
  • Add emails to Toodledo & Exchange/Outlook
  • Add emails to OmniFocus, Appigo Todo, Things, The Hit List, Evernote, Drafts, Notebooks & more



  • Configurable swipe actions
  • Over 20 different color themes
  • Notification rules
  • Coloring rules
  • Hundreds of different options
  • Presets for popular configurations
  • Configurable buttons, fonts, & everything else


  • Offline full-text email search
  • Email threading with conversation view
  • Defer/Snooze emails
  • Passcode lock with Touch ID
  • Mark emails read, unread & flagged
  • Pull to sync
  • Speak emails - Powered by iSpeech®